Mother-in-law wars

It was my all-time favorite chocolate cake smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. Merriam served everyone but me and then sat down to enjoy her dessert. I thought, okay here it is, payback will be me not getting dessert. How juvenile is that on her part? However, before Merriam ever took a bite of her dessert, she looked over at me and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, Sean, I thought Karen had gotten your desert. Wait just a minute while I get yours.” When Merriam returned, she placed my dessert in front of me and smiled, “I know how much you enjoy my chocolate desserts. I made this especially for you.” That was my cue, she’s done something to my dessert, and I was not going to let her get away with it. I should’ve guessed that tonight would be the time she’d seek her revenge. She had gathered a great audience to watch me get my payback. I turned the tables on Merriam and shoved my dessert toward her. “You don’t want your dessert, Sean,” she grinned? “I know what you’ve done, Merriam,” I laughed. “Just how stupid do you think I am?” “Whatever do you mean, Sean,” she huffed? “Surely you don’t think I’ve done something to your dessert, do you?” I crossed my arms across my chest and shook my head yes. “I did no such thing, and I can prove it,” she bellowed. “Would you like for me to take a bite of your dessert?” I shoved the dessert closer to Merriam and said, “No! I want you to trade desserts with me,” I smirked. I wasn’t going to let this bitch make a fool out of me. Merriam sat red-faced for a minute and then pushed her dessert to me then pulled my dessert in front of her. I waited to see if she would indeed eat it to make me look bad. Everyone held their breath and watched as Merriam took a bite and said, “Mmnnnn… delicious as usual.” I felt like an idiot but started shoveling the dessert in my mouth. Merriam was correct. The dessert was as delicious as always. Merriam didn’t say a word to me for the rest of the evening. On my way home, I kept wondering if Merriam’s payback was making a fool of me in front of my family? At about three o’clock in the morning, I woke up with stomach cramps and realized the payback was happening right then. I rushed to the toilet and shit like an elephant. I was in and out of the bathroom several times before morning. Merriam somehow knew I would insist on swapping desserts, and she played me just like a fine violin. “Touché!” Christmas would be our next big family get together. Slowly but surely, an infectious thought crept into my mind and refused to leave. It was a way that I could solve all my problems at once. I could teach her I was through taking her abuse, and at the time, help me become a stronger man in the eyes of my wife. It was also an idea that was bringing out the devil in me. I was her son-in-law, but she treated me with disgust. I was a talented young man and a good husband to her daughter. She had been hostile toward me from the start. But around her friends, she had a great personality along with many other attractive qualities. As a plan formulated in my head, I could feel my excitement grow. It was making my cock twitch to think about the effect it would surely have on my mother-in-law. I knew I had to be just as deceptive and devious as Merriam had been with the chocolate dessert to insure; she falls into my trap. Every year at Christmas Eve and New Year Eve, we made a toast with eggnog. I started collecting my sperm in a jar and touting my special homemade eggnog. I think you get the picture of what I had in mind. I told everyone my eggnog was an old family recipe passed down through the ages from my Great, Great Grandmother. By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, I had collected a fruit jar full of my sperm and kept it hidden it away in the freezer in my garage. I went to the grocery store that afternoon and bought two pints of their regular eggnog. And poured them into a half-gallon plastic jug that had previously held milk. I thawed four ounces of my sperm and put it in a four-ounce bottle I bought at Target. Karen and I had volunteered to host Christmas Eve dinner at our house so we wouldn’t have to take the children out on Christmas Eve. An excellent dinner was prepared by Karen. It was delicious. We enjoyed pleasant conversation during the meal and then gathered around the Christmas Tree for our annual toast. I poured everyone a mug of eggnog. Even the children because there was no alcohol in it. And I served it on a silver tray. The mug that I doctored was placed on the tray right in front of me. I served Merriam last and made sure a mug of eggnog was on her side of the tray when I presented it to her. Merriam first reached for the mug nearest her like she was going to take it, but then smiled at me and reached across the tray for the one in front of me. I almost giggle with excitement, but didn’t. The toast was made by Charlie, and everyone took a big swallow of my special home-made eggnog. I noticed a sudden shift in cues from Merriam’s body language when she tasted my unique blend. Things were working out better than I had expected. The sternness was gone from Merriam’s face. Merriam glanced at me with a somewhat surprised smile on her face and sighed, “Mmnnnn… this is really good. Sean.” I didn’t expect that response from her. I smiled and said, “I’m glad you like it, Merriam. I would be glad to pour you another mug if you like.” She looked at me with a warm smile I had never received from her in the time I had known her. Merriam returned to letting me be her servant and handed me her mug for a refill. I quickly refilled her mug and returned. I also assured her there was more where that came from. Luckily, four mugs were her limit because I didn’t thaw enough sperm for a fifth mug. I filled everyone’s mug with eggnog to exhaust the supply. That way, I would have an excuse for not giving Merriam more if she demanded it. About ten minutes before my in-laws left for home, Merriam pulled me aside and said, “That really was good eggnog, Sean. Would you mind giving me the recipe?” I shook my head no and said, “It an old family recipe that been in my family for generations.” “Well… aren’t we family now,” she countered? “I don’t know, are we? Merriam looked at me like she was getting pissed. I didn’t want to set her off on another cycle of revenge. I wrinkled my nose and said, “Let me think it over, Merriam. I should check with my sisters before I give it to you.” Merriam smiled and said, “Let me know what your sisters say, but be sure to bring plenty of that eggnog to our New Year’s Eve get together next week. I want to toast in the New Year with your delicious eggnog.” My mother-in-law was out the door before I was able to reply. Our New Year celebration was scheduled to take place at my in-laws, so I had to keep my secret recipe out of Merriam’s hand for another a week. After our New Year’s Eve celebration, I planned to let my eggnog sham die with the new year. New Year’s Eve, I showed up at Merriam’s house around seven o’clock with my usual half-gallon jug of the fake special eggnog. I brought enough for her to have her usual four mugs of eggnog and hoped she would be too drunk to tell the difference if she wanted more before midnight. The children were at home with a babysitter. When I prepared to serve the first round of eggnog, I saw a problem almost immediately. We always drink our eggnog on New Year’s Eve with a shot of bourbon mixed. Merriam usually did the same, but this year she didn’t want to risk ruining the flavor of my unique blend recipe by adding bourbon to her mug. That took care of my hopes of her getting too drunk not to recognize a difference if she exceeds her usual four mugs. I decided I would have to find a way to improvise if that happened. My in-laws and I grazed the buffet table nibbling on hors d’oeuvres, finger sandwiches, slices of fresh fruit, and raw vegetables while watching people on TV welcome in the New Year across the nation. We drank a toast starting with Time Square in New York and then another toast when Chicago rang in the New Year. Just before the celebration reached our time zone, Merriam was demanding I get her another eggnog. She had already exceeded her four mugs. I was near panic when I took her mug and rushed down the hall to the bathroom. I dropped my trousers and began pumping my cock like a madman. I was so thrilled that Merriam would be drinking my fresh cum, I shot a double load into her mug. It was way more than I needed. I had to decide whether to pour some out or save the excess for another mug if she requires it. I poured off some of the excess out and returned to the kitchen to add the eggnog to her mug. I think I gave her a bit more cum than usual for this drink. I pour the rest of the eggnog down the drain so I wouldn’t have any more If she asks for it. I made it back to the TV room in time for Merriam to participate in the toast ringing in the New Year in our time zone. At the stroke of midnight, I pulled Karen into my arms and kissed her passionately. Charlie was mixing another bourbon and coke when Merriam gulped down the last of her eggnog and planted a big kiss with lots of tongue on Charlie’s lips. I noticed a strange expression cross Charlie’s face when Merriam shoved her tongue in his mouth. Charlie cut his eyes at me and then back to Merriam. I think he may have detected what the secret eggnog ingredient was that Merriam had been raving about. If Charlie did, he never said anything to me about it. And since I never got a complaint from Merriam, he probably didn’t share his suspicions with her. The new year started with lots of new year resolutions as most of the previous years. Everyone pledged to cut back on sweets, increase exercise, and break annoying habits. Of course, no one really intended to live up to any of those resolutions. Merriam continued to press me for the recipe of my home-made eggnog. When I continued to refuse her requests, she went back to verbally abusing me every chance she got. I just ignored her. ~~~~~~~ Friday, my favorite day of the week, not counting the weekend. My wife is at work, and my children are at school. I have the whole house to myself. I enjoy the quiet solitude. It is the only day of the week; I am not out working with one of my sales reps. I can work at my own pace today. I took a long leisurely shower and then slipped on an old pair of gym shorts, without underwear. For a minute, I considered no tee-shirt but decided if I got that relaxed, I would never get any work done. When my balls and cock are swinging freely in my shorts, as they are now, I usually get aroused. The no underwear already had me thinking about watching thirty or forty minutes of porn before starting to do my paperwork. I looked at the stack of paperwork on my desk, awaiting my attention, and make an executive decision. Okay… it was settled. I’ll go down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and then back to my office for a little porn. I usually do better work after some hot erotic porn and a mind-blowing orgasm. When I walked into the kitchen, I find my asshole mother-in-law drinking a cup of coffee and reading my fucking newspaper. “What the hell are you doing here,” she sneered? “In case you have forgotten, Merriam, I live here,” I sneered right back. “I thought you would be at work!” “I am at work,” I groused! “I work at home on Fridays. Now tell me why the hell you are here?” “I told Karen I would hang new drapes in the guest bedroom.” “So, go hang your drapes and stay the hell out of my way,” I growled as I poured my coffee. “Now that you are down here, how about getting your useless ass out to my car and carry the drapes up to the guest bedroom,” she ordered. I wanted to smack the bitch in the face, but I figured the faster I got her to work on the drapes, the quicker she’d be out of my hair. I trudged out to her car and hauled the curtains up to the guest bedroom. When I came back down to get my coffee, she had tidied up the kitchen by loading everything into the dishwasher, including my cup of coffee. I grumbled to myself and poured another cup of coffee. “Oh… while I’m thinking about it, I will need the tall step ladder,” she boldly commanded again. “It’s in the fucking garage,” I bellowed. “You know damn well, it’s too large and heavy for me to carry up the stairs without destroying the walls!” I set my cup of coffee on the table and shouted, “Okay… okay, I will get the damn ladder, but you better leave me the fuck alone after that, and don’t you dare touch my coffee! As I carried the ladder up the stairs behind her, I could see her panty line through her khaki shorts hugging her heart-shaped hips that swayed elegantly with every step she took. I could see she was wearing a bra, but still, her breasts jiggled under her white Ralph Lauren polo shirt. My damn dick started to harden. I blushed, thinking of my mother-in-law that way and averted my eyes. Since we first met all those years ago, she had maintained her elegant figure and was still a striking woman. “Fuck,” I mumbled to myself! A large part of me still hated her… No, I wanted to hate her, but the majority of me wanted to fuck her goddamn brains out right then and there on the stairs. I knew all these years of hating her were actually wrapped up in my sexual lust for this hateful but beautiful woman. I set the ladder up to where she told me and warned her to be careful wearing her sandals. Rubber sole sneakers would have been much safer climbing the ladder. She ignored my advice and dismissed me with a wave of her hand. I returned to my office and began sifting through the paperwork. I wasn’t going to chance surfing my porn site until after my asshole mother-in-law finished her work and cleared out of my house. I busied myself for the next thirty minutes, and then I heard a loud crash followed by sobbing. I chuckled to myself, “The old bitch didn’t follow my advice, and now she is paying the price.” I slowly strolled into the guest room to gloat and tell her, “I told you so!” When I saw Merriam sprawled on her back with her right leg twisted under her, I knew she had really injured herself, and I didn’t have the heart to rejoice. I tried to help her onto the bed, but she slapped my hands away and screamed, “Don’t touch me!” She tried several times to get up, but it was apparently too painful for her to move, and tears were beginning to flood her eyes. It saddened me to see the pain in her beautiful blue eyes, but at the same time, I was thinking it was karma, payback for her hatefulness toward me. Merriam glared up at me and sniffled, “Don’t just stand there like a stupid oaf. Help me get on the bed!” I slipped my right arm around her waist and my left arm under her thighs and gently hoisted her up into my arms. Merriam’s perfume was intoxicating and caused me to get an immediate erection. The sweet fragrance from her silky blond hair wafted into my nostrils as she rested her head on my chest, making things even worse. I had to put her down before she felt my hard cock against her hip. I apparently set her down with a bounce. “Ouch!” “I’m… sorry, Merriam. I didn’t do that on purpose,” I apologized. “Should I call an ambulance and have them take you to the hospital for a checkup?” She shook her head no and closed her eyes. It was apparent she was in pain, but I didn’t have any idea what to do for her. I offered to call Karen and have her come home, but Merriam didn’t want to bother her. She seemed to grimace each time she took a deep breath. “You don’t suppose you have a broken rib, do you,” I suggested? Merriam shook her, heard no, and moaned, “I don’t know if it is a broken rib or just cracked. I’m not sure, but I do know for sure I need to get this damn bra off.” I’m sure I must have looked like a deer in the headlights because Merriam sneered, “Don’t stand there looking stupid. I’m sure you have taken a bra off a time or two in your younger years. Just reach behind me and unsnap it and will do the rest. My hands went immediately up under the back of her shirt, and with the deftness of long years of practice, I unsnapped her bra. She did that thing every female must learn at a young age. She wiggled out of her bra without removing her shirt. However, I got a pretty good glimpse of her tits when she tossed the bra at me and laid on her back. I caught the bra with my left hand. It was an expensive silk nylon bra, sky blue with fancy white lace borders. I wanted to hold it to my nose and breath in her scent, but I didn’t. Merriam’s tits were this side of magnificent, bigger than Karen’s nice rack, and her nipples seemed larger, too. Merriam took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and exhaled slowly. “That’s much better,” she sighed. I stood at the foot of the bed, like an oversexed teenager, gawking at her nipples. Hard nipples that were threatening to rip through her shirt. When she opened her eyes, she caught me staring at her tits she bellowed, “Go get me an Advil, no make that two Advil…. Dickhead!” I rushed to the medicine cabinet, grabbed the Advil, and a glass of water, and then like a little boy minding his mother, I returned to her side. I was in a kind of trance. “Are you going to hand me two Advil or stand there like an idiot,” she snapped? And then again like a little boy, I jumped at her command and shook two Advil tablets into the Advil bottle cap. She held her hand out like some kind of royal waiting for me to place the pills in her hand. I did, and before I could put the cap back on the bottle and hand her the glass of water, she snapped her fingers and growled, “Water!” I obediently handed her the water. I wanted to slap the shit out of her. For a brief moment, I was tempted to grabbed one of her nipples and twist it until she had tears in her eyes. But I didn’t. She swallowed the Advil and held the glass out for me to take. I placed the Advil and water on the nightstand and quietly returned to my office. Thirty minutes later, I returned to check on her. She was peaceably sleeping. I removed her sandals and, for the first time, noticed how sexy her long slender feet were. Her toenails were painted silver. For some reason, I found that very hot. I couldn’t help it, I had to touch her feet. The soles of her feet were velvety soft and felt like fine silk. I started to get an erection and returned to my office. About twenty minutes later, I heard Merriam screaming for me to get my worthless ass back in there. I jumped up and rushed to her side. “My left hip is killing me,” she moaned. “See if you can find what is causing so much pain.” I marched to the edge of her bed and noticed a bloody spot on the left side of her shorts. I told her we needed to remove her shorts to determine where the blood was coming from. She looked at me suspiciously for a minute and then nodded her approval. I took a deep breath then nervously unbuttoned her shorts and unzipped them, exposing her panties. They were the same sky-blue silk nylon as her bra. They even had identical white lace and were sheer enough. I could see she was a real blond. I tugged at her shorts, and she lifted her butt to assist but held tight to her panties to make sure they did not come off with her shorts. I leaned down to see if I could find the source of the bleeding. “I can’t tell where the blood is coming from,” I said as I attempted to slide her panties down. She held her panties in a death grip and refused to let me get to the source of her injury. I turned and left the room. When I returned, I had a pair of scissors in my hand. I had seen on TV how Emergency Room personnel cut an injured party’s clothes off. I intended to do just that. “What the hell do you intend to do with those scissors,” she screamed. “What do you think,” I grinned. Then snip, snip, and Merriam’s panty fell away from her left hip. I put the scissors down and leaned forward to examine where the bleeding was coming from. Whack! She slapped me across the face. I was momentarily dazed. I was enraged. I lost all sensibility. I could feel the heat rise from my shoulders, up to my neck to my face. I turned into a crazy man and ripped the remanence of her panties off and tossed them aside. Merriam gasped when I shoved my middle finger and forefinger into her wet pussy. Yes, it was wet. In fact, it was soaked. As much as she had tried to convince me that she hated my guts, she couldn’t deny that her pussy was clenching and aching with desire. This had become a sexual act, and I was sure she was feeling the same thing. While vigorously finger fucking her pussy, my fingers were doing precisely what I had wanted to do for years. She grasped my hand and tried to push it away as I enthusiastically shoved my fingers in and out of her pussy. I wanted to punish this woman. I wanted to get even for every abusive thing she had ever said or done to me. I felt her stiffen and was sure she was on the verge of an orgasm, but I didn’t want her to orgasm. Not yet, anyway. I tried to deny that pleasure. I want her to suffer from that unmet desire to cum. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and removed my gym shorts and threw them in her face. She left them there for a minute. I think she was enjoying my scent on those gym shorts. A minute later, she tossed my shorts back at me. Was I about to rape my mother-in-law? No. I just wanted to unleash the pent-up anger I’ve had for this woman since the day I married her beautiful daughter. I push her polo shirt up high enough; it trapped her arms over her head and covered her face. I took that opportunity to suck on her beautiful swollen nipples. She seemed to have an unusual nipple sensitivity. I wondered if she was sensitive enough to have breast orgasms. I continued sucking and fondling Merriam’s sweet mature breasts, alternately sucking one nipple, then the other. Merriam’s hard nipples felt swollen and even more sensitive as I continued to suck on them. I could tell she loved the feeling because she was soon murmuring her encouragement. “Oh my, God, you son-of-a-bitch,” she gasped! “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I’m going to cummmm,” she shrieked! That answered my question. Merriam can have nipple orgasms. She struggled like she was trying to break free of me. I rose to my knees and removed her shirt, freeing her arms. I was amazed to find Merriam’s body was a mixture of Karen’s and a porn star. I couldn’t help but admire the almost perfect tits that had minimal sag and her flat belly. I asked myself… Should I really be doing this to my mother-in-law? My dick twitched, yes. I dove between Merriam’s thighs and latched onto her pussy. I tongue fucked her sweet cavity like I was possessed. She gasped and grabbed my hair, pulling it in several directions. I couldn’t tell if she was trying to push me away or pull me closer to her pussy. I found her clit and whacked it several times with my tongue before clamping my teeth down hard. She screamed, and her whole body began jerking as if she were being hit with jolts of electricity. “Oh my God, Sean. You are making me cum again,” she squealed and then pushed my mouth away from her sensitive clit. I hopped to my knees. My cock was drooling with anticipation, and I leaned forward to rub the tip along Merriam’s glistening pussy. At the first contact with her clit, Merriam bit her lip and moaned. I teased her just a bit, sliding the head of my cock just inside her to wet the tip and then moving it up and down along her slick labia. I continued to push my hips forward as I pointed my rigid member to the bottom of her slit, so I could penetrate the narrow hole with ease. When I sank a few inches into her, she squealed again. We both gasped as my full length traveled all the way to her cervix. When it bumped across her cervix, Merriam whimpered, and her eyes closed. An orgasm was lurking nearby. I thrust my cock all the way into her pussy and felt it close tightly around my cock. She was gasping as though she couldn’t catch her breath. I latched onto one of her hard nipples and began sucking like I was a starving infant. I switched to her other nipple and tried to devour it. All she said was, “Oh…!” Merriam’s breathing got heavy as I sucked her nipples, making her wince a bit in pain. I hammered her pussy, bringing her back to the brink of another orgasm. I didn’t want her to experience another orgasm. Anyway, not yet. I wanted her to continue paying for the abuse I suffered for years. I started to ease my cock out, but she wrapped her legs around my waist, forced me back in. “Oh, my God…I want you inside me.” She whimpered! That was something I never dreamed I would hear from my hateful mother-in-law. I could tell by Merriam’s expression, she was trying to rationalize what was happening. Still, soon she was arching her back as she moaned to the rhythm of my hips. Merriam could hardly bring herself to look at me as I pounded her pussy. For a brief moment, I almost felt sick and depraved doing this to her, yet it felt so goddamn natural and normal. Merriam’s vaginal walls squeezed me hard the whole time. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She grimaced from the pain of my roughness. However, I was way too focused on the incredible tightness of her cunt to notice, or even care about her discomfort. Over and over, I propelled my rock-hard shaft into her soaked pussy, my balls slapping against her firm ass. I remember thinking, Merriam probably didn’t expect to feel such pleasure from sex with her son-in-law. Still, she couldn’t deny the increased moisture that made loud, slopping noises the more I fucked her. Merriam dug her nails into my back subconsciously while I pounded her. Even though she was pretty wet, I could tell it still did hurt her a bit, but I didn’t care! Merriam grunted and begged after one of my deep thrusts. “Please, slow down a little, Sean, “she whispered in my ear. Her plea went unanswered as I took all my confusion, despair, and annoyance out on her poor sensitive pussy. My cock violently stabbed into her cunt repeatedly until I felt the inevitable orgasm building again in both of us. I want to keep hammering her, but I had other plans. That didn’t stop her or me from having a powerful orgasm after yanking it out. I took my cock in hand and released the pent-up load all over my mother-in-law’s stomach, tits, and face. Her orgasm followed soon afterward. Merriam quickly moved down and enveloped my deflating cock with her hot mouth and licked it clean of our combined juices. She then wrapped her slender fingers around my limber cock, using her thumbnail to force more of my baby batter to the tip of my dick and swallowed it. “Mmmm… eggnog,” she sighed. “What,” I weakly whimpered? Merriam used her thumbnail again, forcing more of my love juice out and sucked it into her mouth. She rolled it around on her tongue and then smiled, “Eggnog. The secret blended ingredients you put in my eggnog was your delicious cum. I will never drink eggnog again unless it has this delightful addition.” I wasn’t sure what to do next. I still couldn’t believe I just had sex with Karen’s mother. I looked at Merriam said, “What the hell am I going to tell Karen?” Merriam just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. I can just imagine the look on Karen’s face when I announce, “I-I’m sorry, Karen…? I took advantage of your mother and… fuck her silly all afternoon?” “Sean!” Merriam sat up to face me. “I’m your mother-in-law.” She grabbed my face with the palms of her soft hands. “You could never take advantage of me. This was bound to happen sooner or later.” She kissed me tenderly on the lips and whispered, “Sean, I’m glad it finally happened. Now, let’s get cleaned up.” I blindly followed my mother-in-law into the master bathroom. Where she adjusted the water temperature and hopped into the shower. I obediently stepped into the shower behind her. She acted like this was the most normal thing in the world. My eyes drifted down to her pear-shaped ass once she started scrubbing herself. I still couldn’t believe I had been fucking her a few minutes ago. Merriam turned and handed me the soap and, in a firm voice, said, “Soap my tits really well, Sean, and then I want my pussy and asshole soaped as well!” It appeared Merriam was still going to order me around, but I didn’t care as long as she continues to share her fantastic body with me. It was probably better if she did continue because if we suddenly became lovey-dovey with each other, people would soon become suspicious. I soaped her tits and tweaked her nipples before moving down to pay attention to the walls of her velvet pussy. When I began to scrub her anal opening, she leaned forward and spread her cheeks. I soaped her ass really good and started finger fucking her ass. I swear I think she had an orgasm while I finger her butt. My erection rejuvenated as I thought about her warm, tightness. Merriam noticed my staring at her butt when she turned to the side. “What’s wrong, Sean?” “Oh, uh, it’s nothing…” I tried to hide my growing cock, but the thought the hell with it. I soaped my cock and pressed the tip to her anal opening. Merriam pulled away and said, “No… no, Sean. We will save that for another day. Okay, Sweetie?” I dejectedly dropped my head and started to move away. However, Merriam chuckled.And with a single hand reached between her legs and spread one side of her pink cunt open, “It looks like you have a little more anger to expend,” She smiled warmly over her shoulder at me. “Why don’t you cum for me again, Sean? Come for me and make me cum again.” Moving like a zoned-out sleepwalker, I did as she asked. No, I did as she ordered. I don’t know why but I wanted to please this woman. This woman that an hour ago was someone I thought I hated. After we had sex for the second time that afternoon, we finished showering and returned to the bedroom. Merriam gave me one more passionate kiss with lots of tongue. I snuggled in Merriam’s warm arms, feeling her glorious naked breasts pressing against my hairy chest. She pulled back and looked me deeply in the eyes. Our lips were still wet with saliva, and our minds were still in a sensual daze. Merriam stroked her finger through my wet hair and whispered softly, “You know, Sean, the two of us having sex might’ve actually been a good thing.” I was exhausted from the unbelievable events of that afternoon. Nothing Merriam said, penetrated my exhausted brain. The thrill of sexually experiencing a mature, eager, and beautiful woman hit me all at once, and I let every luscious detail fill my senses. The ten-year emotional war of harassment was gone, and powerful sexual energy flowed between us. I fell asleep in her warm and wonderful arms without commenting.

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